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21st Century Plowshare propagates actions that matter to the environment.


21st Century Plowshare propagates actions that matter to the environment.

Humans have been involved in many, many years of scientific discourse about whether and how much we are pooping in our soup, and what we imagine the effects of this soup-pooping to be in the future. It is past time to just take the toilet seat off the stock pot, and move the roll of toilet paper and the stack of magazines off the stove.

This is the most important cultural shift we can make. The environment has to stop being a scientific concern that we debate and start being a common-sense physical imperative. The real problem is not that we don't understand global warming or peak water or acid rain or heat island effect--it's that too many of us don't even see "the environment" as the literal place we live and breathe and eat.

Actions that matter to people who are not already environmentalists focus on making the environment into a place instead of a concept, and are about infecting people with joy instead of leveling judgement or shame. 21st Century Plowshare is an inspiration-station and resource hub for anyone who wants to deploy actions that matter--actions that prompt an ecstatic recognition of people's surroundings.

21st Century Plowshare is written by Deborah Fisher, an artist whose large-scale public sculpture focuses on the relationship between the built world and the earth. She sees this blog as an extension of her public artwork, but hopefully one that overcomes contemporary art's dependence on authorship.

So with that authorlessness in mind, the ideas and actions on 21st Century Plowshare are for everyone to use and improve upon. Please don't hurt or shame people using 21st Century Plowshare! And do give back to the hub: share images and stories about what you are doing to inspire a joyful connection to the environment.

Inertia goes both ways--action begets more action!